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Licensed Practical Nurse- LPN

Currently seeking licensed practical nurses – LPN in Charleston and Water Valley, MS. In order to be considered for this position, the incumbent Licensed Practical Nurse must have at least 2 years of recent practical nursing experience.

Key Job Responsibilities of the LPN – Licensed Practical Nurse:

  • Obtain and record vital signs of patient throughout interactions.
  • Help with diagnostic tests and clinical procedures.
  • Keep comprehensive medical records of all patient interactions.
  • Make sure all equipment is sterilized and maintain clean working environment.
  • Utilize established tools & protocols provided to assess participant health status, and to identify health risks
  • Educate participants about health management concepts using evidence-based guidelines
  • Assist participants with developing plans and goals to mitigate their health risks
  • Leverage evidence-based coaching techniques (such as motivational interviewing, reflective listening and decisional balance) to elicit behavior change
  • Assure accurate documentation of participant progress to support outcomes evaluation and to assure continuity of care.

Requirements of the LPN – Licensed Practical Nurse:

  • At least 2 years of recent practical nursing experience.
  • Current state LPN license required.
  • Licensed Practical nurse must be CPR Certified.
  • Physical and immunization records.
  • Demonstrated decision-making and problem-solving ability combined with analytical, quantitative and creative skills.
  • Proficient use of MS Tools including Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Successful completion of a background check and drug screen.