Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The below answers should the most common questions prospective customers, and temp employees might have.

What is a Professional Staffing Agency?

Medical jobs are some of the hardest to hire for these days. If hiring for medical positions is causing you some stress and lost time, consider handing it over to experts that spend their days filling medical jobs.

If you're considering a medical staffing firm, you'll want to be sure they have true, deep expertise in the field. Be sure to ask for references, and check with local health care facilities to confirm their reputation.

Another difficult area to hire in right now is IT and tech.

Rather than slow your business or organization down while you try to hire people to fill your IT and tech roles, consider using a staffing firm whose full time job is knowing and networking with people in these fields.

Before choosing an IT and tech staffing firm, consider whether they have offices in your area, what methods they use for networking, and how deep their knowledge is of the technologies and jobs that you need help hiring for.

Why should I consider using a Staffing Agency?

Here are a few other reasons you should consider hiring an agency:

  • You can ramp up and down quickly as necessary.
  • Stay focused on your core competencies.
  • Let experts hire for the positions you're unfamiliar with.
  • They handle employment laws - all 125+ of them.
  • They can use their size to offer better benefits that attract top applicants.
  • Less risk to you for workers' compensation and unemployment claims

How do staffing agencies work?

PYCES as a staffing agency perform basic HR functions, conducting the job search, screening candidates, handling paperwork and benefits. We typically charge a fee related to the amount of work done by the personnel we place into an organization's permanent structure.

What about legal considerations?

You may have heard that the federal government is tightening rules on agency practices. This isn't a problem us in selecting PYCES you will have picked a staffing firm with a good history of compliance.

What's the difference between temporary and permanent workers?

PYCES, as with many staffing agencies, specialize as "temp" agencies - we offer temporary and permanent placements. Temps are great when you have a sudden need - this could be a seasonal increase in business, or replacing an employee who is on leave. Permanent placement is great when you have a long-term need.Return any of our products--no questions asked--within 30 days of purchase. We even pay return shipping.

Should you hire full time or part time?

Most think of staffing agencies for supplying full time workers, but we're great at finding part time help too. Assess your needs and figure out what type of employee is best for you and give PYCES a call.